Bride in Sorrento

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast weddings

A wedding is an exciting, complex and magical event.

I will be your guide on this enchanting journey made up of emotions and some small unexpected events that we will be ready to face.

All set in the evocative setting of the Amalfi and Sorrento Coast which, with the scents of citrus fruits and the sea and the sparkling colors of its majolica, will make everything unforgettable.

Why a wedding planner?

Your wedding day is a special day, maybe the most exciting in the couple’s life. But it is also a stressful moment. Everybody would like to have original ideas and a lot of free time to dedicate to this unforgettable moment. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have this chance.

That’s why many couples decide to ask for a professional team who will be able to translate in reality what we have always dreamt. They will manage worries and anxieties, suggesting unique solutions, taking care of all the details. Every big event could have unexpected problems and your wedding planner will be ready to manage them!

Wedding locations

For your event we suggest you many kinds of Sorrento and Amalfi Coast wedding locations, based on your event’s idea.


Wedding hotel

Numerous groups

This is the best option if you are planning to have many guests at your wedding. You can chose between different kind of hotels, from classic to modern ones. The hotel organization can give me the chance to arrange a perfect wedding even with a large guests number.


Wedding villa

Luxury wedding venue

This is the most romantic and personal location! I suggest you a villa if you are planning a medium size event in a warm and sunny period.


Wedding restaurant

Intimate wedding

Normally we suggest a restaurant if you are looking for an intimate wedding. Their familiar atmosphere is the perfect frame for this kind of event.


Wedding farmhouse

Rustic wedding party

This is the best location for informal wedding. I can suggest you very special places with great and local food!

Wedding services

At your disposal all my wedding services.

I think about your event as something really unique. That’s why every event is different and it is the realization of your desires, your wishes mixed with my experience.

I strongly believe that detail is what makes any event stand out. And that is why I will follow you through every step of the big day.


We know sometimes it is necessary to arrange for wedding guests’ accommodations. Our staff will support you in finding the best accommodation for everybody.


We will support you for any transportation issues with private transfers and shuttle services.

Wedding cake

Our cake designers will be at your disposal to show you many models, flavours and alternatives to create a unique wedding cake!


Our hair stylists and beauticians will be at your disposal to suggest you all the best you deserve for your special day.


They sometimes represent the wedding theme or they are the perfect frame of your unforgettable day. Choosing the right flower is sometimes difficult but we will help you to realize your dream!


It is very important to immortalize the most important day of your life! We will show you many works from different photographer among which you will choose the best for you!


We can organize any kind of ceremony: symbolic, religious or civil ones.
You will receive our assistance in case of translations, bureaucratic papers and certificates.


You won’t find on this website a list of hotels or villas where it is possible to set your wedding reception. We are deeply convinced that the most important thing is to meet you, to understand your feelings. After we will look for your best location, selecting menus and wines.

Wedding favors

This is a very personal choice and it can give to your wedding day an original touch. Wedding favors moment is also the opportunity to organize a typical Italian “confettata”.

Wedding dress / Groom suite

We set up various appointments for you in different ateliers. We will suggest you the best, helping you to realize your wedding dress/groom’s suit.

Pre wedding party

Sometimes brides and grooms prefer to spend a couple of hours with friends and relatives in an informal way.
We can set up a small pre wedding party, like an aperitivo or a light dinner.


We select for you different styles based on your taste. It is a very important step as it is the beginning of your event.


Our travel consultants will show you many itineraries for your honeymoon.


Music is very important during the ceremony but also during the party. You can choose the instruments you prefer and your song’s list.


The best way to communicate with all your guests, giving them instructions and information about the wedding ceremony and reception. They will find there all the information about addresses, things to visit, timetables.